From Benoit to BenZ

Here's a quick outline of BenZ' story:

That's in 1997, at the age of 17, Ben was member of a street theatre troupe as juggler/circus performer.

The 40 of them went to Ireland in order to perform for the street theatre festival.........

The troupe included a magician........ that's where everything started......

Back in France, and decided to feed his curiosity about the magic art, he started lessons. His hard practice made allowed him to quickly be able to perform close up magic beside his teacher, which he followed for 3 years of intense training.

At 21 y. o, Benoit was fond of performing but needed to build up his acts. He then took a tourism course that would enable him to design entertainment for holiday resorts.

For the following 4 years, he's been improving his overall performing skills, in various locations throughout France. Managing entertainment teams led him to create a variety of acts (including comedy, circus, theatre plays, danse choreographics, compering, music, walk about...), so to keep crowds of holiday makers entertained.

This time spent in holiday villages made him understand that his true vocation is close-up magic. But yet, more practice was needed to polish his routines and develop his own approach of the Magic art.

December 2005. Seeking a new challenge, Benoit came to Sheffield (supposedly for 3 months!). He started to work as a waiter at the Mediterranean Restaurant on Sharrow Vale rd, performing his tricks whenever the pace of the service would allow him to. Quickly, he became the face of the restaurant, beside Otto, the Owner. A few month further down the line and a review in the Sheffield Star about the Card sharp waiter, and his reputation as Hunter's Bar's Magician was established.

Up until summer 2009, BenZ has been working as waiter/magician in many restaurants in Sheffield (such as Antibo, caffe Uno, Cafe Rouge, Bosworth, Walnut club...). He also eventually entertained weddings and private parties when ask to.

In October 2009, it was finally time for BenZ to concentrate exclusively on the Magic. His close-up show is now selling all over the country and abroad.

However Ben loves magicking in the Steel City and multiplies as much as possible his public appearances there, on a programmed or informal basis. As the Sheffield's most popular magician says: "I'm born in France, Aye, but definitely bred in Sheffield! The Steel City has made it possible for me to live my act, and I think it's only fair to give some back to the locals!"